The Daily Connoisseur blog is all about the fine art of living. We all want to live well, but are we? As technology progresses and we become more “connected” to the world around us, we are also becoming more disconnected from our home life and the simple pleasures that can be found there. Why?

I have a few theories. Through work, school, and extracurricular activities, we are being drawn away from the home. People are tired, broke, and just want to escape for a while in entertainment. As a result, meals are being eaten on the go, the housework is piling up, and home life is suffering. Nobody wants this to happen. We all dream of the ideal home life. What would that look like for you?

For me, the ideal home life would look like this: a tidy, well-organized home, stylishly decorated, where there is always a home-cooked meal in the oven or on the stove top, full of well-adjusted people who all get along (this is getting good!) and who always pick up after themselves. Hmmm, could it get more idealistic? What would your ideal home life look like? I bet it’s something similar. 

We want our homes to run smoothly. I write about so much of this in my second book, At Home with Madame Chic. We will look to Madame Chic in a later lesson, but I wanted to pay homage to her in this intro. Here was a woman who relished her home life. She made it a priority and was very efficient with her time. She has been my role model in this area and I’m so pleased to share my best efficiency tips with you in this course. 

What qualifies me to teach this course? Well, I’ve written three New York Times bestselling books, am raising 4 small children, run a successful blog and YouTube channel, and homeschool our kids all while (generally) keeping up with the cooking and cleaning (phew! I’m exhausted just reading that list!). But that’s not actually what qualifies me to teach this course. What qualifies me, is that I used to NOT be efficient. In fact, I was the opposite of efficient. I was pretty darn lazy and a big procrastinator. What changed? How did I go from watching hours of television a day and just kind of dreaming about becoming a writer, to actually doing it? I’m going to share my story with you in this course. So go make a cup of tea and gather back with us as we delve into this very important topic. I hope that this is a life-changing course for you. I know it will be for me! 

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