Why do we want to be poised? Why do we not only want to be seen as elegant, but feel elegant as well? How can poise help us in life? These are all great questions to ponder. Since you have decided to take this eCourse, I'm guessing you have already asked yourself these questions, whether consciously or unconsciously. To be an elegant and poised lady in our modern society is a true rarity. And because it is rare, this is exactly what makes it so special.

You might find yourself feeling frustrated by wanting to adopt poised and elegant characteristics, but not seeing the results in your everyday life.

If you have read my book, Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic, you know that elegance is not something you are born with. It's something you learn... and practice. Every day. I practice it every day too. That is why we named the book "Polish Your Poise". If you had a beautiful diamond ring, you would need to polish it regularly to keep it clean, otherwise it would start to look dingy and dirty. Our poise is a beautiful gem... a rarity that requires regular polishes to stay au courant.

My hope with this eCourse, is that we cover the comprehensive bases that are required to stand out from the crowd and live a beautiful and refined life, with poise, as elegant women. I am so excited for you to join us on this life-changing journey. Please introduce yourself in the comments and share why you are here and what you hope to learn.