Getting Started

Step 1- Clear the clutter from your wardrobe.

  • This is the crucial first step. If you are fed up with your cluttered wardrobe, this step should feel like a wonderful release for you. Even though you feel motivated to go through your closet, pace yourself. You don't want to burn out and lose steam. You can pull all of your clothes out at once and lay them on your bed, or take out sections at a time. Go through each article of clothing and be brutally honest. I got rid of 75% of my clothes the first time I did this and it felt great. If you are tired of living as a maximalist, you shouldn’t have any trouble with letting go either. With each article of clothing, ask yourself the following questions: Does this fit me? Is it age appropriate? Is this my true style? Do I love this? Do I even wear this? Is this right for my lifestyle? Create three piles: keep, donate and "maybe".

Step 2- Donate or throw away items.

  • With all of the clothes you are sure you no longer want, make an action plan right away to get rid of them. Place them in bags and drive them to your local charity shop to donate them. Don't let them hang around or you might change your mind and put them right back in your closet.

Step 3- Take out seasonal items that don’t pertain to the season you’re in and store them away.

  • Our goal is to bring clarity to our wardrobes, not confusion. By storing away your seasonal clothes (even if it's just to the other end of your closet) you will eliminate the need to sift through unnecessary garments as you get ready every morning. Storing seasonal clothes serves other purposes as well that we will discuss later.

Step 4- Now focus on what you have and build from there.

  • Lay out all of your seasonally appropriate "keeper" clothes and have a look at them. You will be building your ten-item wardrobe around these pieces. At this point, you might realize that you need to purge even further. Get rid of anything that doesn't fit and feel right in your new capsule wardrobe. Take note of the style of all of the clothes you have selected to keep. Is there a running theme? Keep that in mind as you develop your true style.