Benefits of Keeping a Ten-Item Wardrobe


  • When you wake up in the morning you can pick out what to wear WITH EASE because everything in your wardrobe will "go" together.
  • You will BUILD CONFIDENCE because you will feel presentable and stylish.
  • You will not get bored with your wardrobe because you will have many options with how to wear your clothes.
  • The ten-item wardrobe boosts your creativity because you are forced to come up with different accessory combinations to wear with your clothes.
  • Acknowledging when an article of clothing is past its prime becomes easier.
  • You will hone in on your true style and truly feel confident in your clothing.
  • Your shopping will be TAMED. No more impulse buys. No more wasting money. You can free up your time for worthier pursuits.
  • The ten-item wardrobe mindset tends to seep into other areas in your life. You become a more purposeful shopper.
  • You strive to look presentable always, even at night with your pajamas.
  • Opening your closet in the morning makes you happy!

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